In June 2022, Amreyah Cement has been recognized at the Big 5 Egypt Impact Awards with the “Leadership Team of the Year”. The award comes as a recognition for the achievements of Amreyah’s leadership team from January 2020 until March 2022. During that period, Amreyah’s GBC has worked on three main pillars; enhancing operational performance (Profitability management and cash crisis management to mitigate the cash crisis imposed by the Covid19 outbreak), improving preventative health and well-being through the relaunch of Amreyah’s Safety Golden Rules campaign and protecting the wellbeing of our employees during the pandemic, and promoting talent management and development through recognition events (e.g. People’s Choice Awards), employee engagement programs, and succession plans (e.g. Mini GBC initiative launched in 2021). My Role involved 1) Applying on behalf of the company for this award via an extensive application process to highlight the contributions of Amreyah’s General Board Committee in that category. 2) After being shortlisted for the awards, I’ve liaised with Big 5 team in Dubai about Amreyah’s sponsorship for the event, and other logistical arrangements. 3) Creating a Post-Event Communications plan (internal and external one).
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